Voteless and segregated citizens
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Never thought I’d see the day in our area in which the city segregated its citizens due to the area in which one lives. I’ve been a resident and registered voter of Bee County since ’92 and lived in the county for more than 90 days. I’ve gone out and voted in past elections. But to my surprise on May 1, 2013, I was DENIED my right to exercise my vote due to the area in which I live, Capehart – not within the city, but the city bills us for sewer, garbage and water, and our rates are close to $15 higher per services being charged to us. We go to City Hall to make payments and our money is good.... Now I go to vote on this water bond issue, and my vote is not good because I don’t live in the city, although we receive city services.

What are we now – the city’s stepchildren who aren’t treated equally for services that will affect us? As of the past two months, our utilities have increased approximately $30 without us even voting for services they now list on our utility bill as services we allegedly use. This is the city’s way of legally extorting money from their citizens, and when it comes time to cast your vote, you’re either allowed or denied, depending on where you live, even though you receive city services and you’re registered voters.

So with all this, I ask my fellow citizens and all who receive city services not to allow the city to segregate us and deny us our right to place our vote, because in the end, everyone is and will be affected on the outcome of the election, whether it be good or bad. In order to come out ahead, we must stand united.... and stand for our right to vote no matter where we live in the county because this will not only affect the city and its merchants but the county in general and all its residents and property owners.

Eliseo “Eli” Martinez Jr.
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