Poor service
by Amanda Hoelscher
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On Sunday, Sept. 21, around 1:15 p.m., my father had a massive heart attack at the storage buildings on Highway 202. My family called 911 right away and the lady said an ambulance would be there shortly.

After eight more calls to 911 and 15 minutes later, the ambulance showed up (after getting lost and going to the wrong storage buildings). While my father sat on the ground crying for help, the three paramedics slowly took their time getting out of the ambulance, opening the back doors and walking to my father, while I, a 20-year-old, was telling them to hurry up.

They loaded him into the ambulance and what happened next is just crazy. While the paramedic working on my father asked the second paramedic to hand him some medications, the second paramedic replied “I can’t, I’m doing something.” So my father, an EMT and fireman himself, told them to get him to the hospital. The third paramedic said, “I don’t know how to get to the hospital.”

So after I and my mother beat the ambulance to the hospital and the workers got him in the emergency room, his heart stopped, but they brought him back. The hospital called for a helicopter from Corpus Christi to come get him. In the 10-minute flight to Corpus Christi and arriving at the hospital, his heart stopped again, and again they brought him back to life. From there he went straight to surgery.

My point is, I am very angry and upset with the ambulance service my father received. I myself am a volunteer fireman, and when we get any kind of call, we hurry and know right where we are needed. If my father’s heart had stopped in that ambulance, I believe he would not be here today. How can you save someone’s life while fighting about who’s going to do what and who knows how to get to the hospital?

So you tell me, would you trust an ambulance service like that if your loved one was hurt?
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October 01, 2008
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