Great job
by Leslie M. Premo
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Growing up, we all had our heroes. Most of which wore a cape, or maybe it was the cowboys from the movies.

Just yesterday, I saw a real life hero. Maybe, not in the since of saving the day or the damsel in distress, but a hero in every sense of the word.

This hero’s only deed was giving three little kids a ride on his horse.

While this might not seem like much to most. To these children, he made their day.

You see from what I understand, it was their first ride on a horse.

I don’t want to name, names, but I will tell you all he is a “county employee.”

I just want to say to this hero, and you know who you are, Great job.

I’m proud to be part of a community where the hero still wears the white cowboy hat and rides a horse.

So again great job and amazing animal control.

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