Neighbors shooting causing problems
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I am writing this in hope that the county government will take the time to read and consider what I am about to say.

I live in the country, more or less 10 acres, behind the TxDOT weigh station. Twenty-five years ago, this area was not as populated as it is now. But many people have moved in, and now there are a great many families living in this rural setting. The problem I am addressing is the attitude of people who think that, just because they live out of the city on 10 acres, they can shoot a gun, rifle or do anything they want and not be told that they are causing problems on other people’s property.

My horses are scared of gun shots and run crazy when they hear them. I had them tied up to feed the other night, and then the shooting started. I almost got trampled and had two halters broken. I have had animals run through fences and had to pay vet bills. This does not cost the shooter anything. And most think that the bullet stays on their property, never goes past the fence.

I have called the sheriff and been told that there is nothing I can do... “If a person wants to shoot on their property, they have a right to do it.” This, I was told, is the law.

Well, I think it is time for the county to set up some standards or guidelines on shooting in areas where there are houses and animals within bullet range.....close proximity! I was told by one person that they had friends who wanted to come dove hunt on their 10 stupid, one shot, and they are gone. They turn young kids loose with a .22 to shoot at anything that moves. Come Fourth of July and other holidays, they buy the biggest and loudest fireworks they can....some sound like a 105mm cannon. And all of us neighbors are suppose to just turn a blind eye to this, ’cause they have 10 acres in the country “to do what they want.”

It is time for the county commissioners to review the laws and do something about this before someone gets shot or animals get hurt. If people want to shoot, they need to go find a shooting range with all the safety in place, run by people who know about guns. I am not anti-gun — quite the contrary — but I am against people being stupid with a gun. The law needs changing!

Edward Kane
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