Daniel Shay gave the salutatorian address during the Refugio high graduation ceremony
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These past four years have probably been the most interesting of my life. Throughout high school, I have done all that I could to help this school. Most people must think that I am strange because I spend so much of my time working at school — in this auditorium, the office or a classroom.

I doubt that many people would understand why I do unless they knew me, and perhaps not even then. The reason I have devoted so much of myself to helping this school is that I believe in what it is trying to accomplish. This school is not a building where students must come to work every day; it is a place where teachers work every day to teach students what they will need to know in the “real world.”

No matter where we go from here, this school has provided it and I have tried to make the jobs that the faculty here do as easy and effective as possible. I know that what I have gained from this school will mean more than most of the things that I do if I remember that nothing after this would have been possible had I not gained these experiences, not only since my freshman year, but all the way back to kindergarten.

It took a lot to get us all here. Many people have stood behind us, pushing us to the top of this hill. There are families who have stood around us, dusted us off when we have fallen, raised us into the people we are, and cared for us even when it may have been difficult. Teachers have stood in classrooms day after day hammering things into our hard heads for years just so that we would know enough to get through life. You will never be able to repay them for what they have done. The best you can do is to succeed in life and make them proud of what they have done.

Perhaps that hill that we have been pushed to the top of really is not a hill at all. Perhaps it is a cliff and we are now at the edge. There is only one question that we must answer. After today, will we fly or will we fall?

To all the people who gotten us here, all the people here tonight, I would like to say “thank you.” You have made our every success in the past and in our futures possible.
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