Filing deadline to run for Bayside council is Monday
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Monday, Aug. 30, is the deadline to file as a candidate for Bayside City Council.

After Monday’s deadline for a place on the ballot, candidates may file as a write-in candidate.

The council positions up for election and candidates who have file as of press time include:

Karen Clark, place 1

Alfredo Posas Jr. and Daniel Briseno, place 4

Orville Downs and Francisco Briseno Jr., place 5
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September 05, 2010
I see that some things will never change. Ignorance will prevail with them until the Kingdom comes. Bayside is not a non-profit organization. No, it ain't. I guess some folks knowledge is limited about such things. What's more, if they knew so much about the situation, why did they not pitch in with a helping hand and educate Mayor Dahl about the tax exemption? What is wrong with a neighbor helping a neighbor by watering a garden? Sounds almost like the right thing to do, and most likely from the person who did it, the Christian thing to do. Lest we forget though, if you are not a member of a particular church group, you are not in the body of Christ. As far as Ken's petroleum pricing, he was never over ten cents a gallon over any other towns pricing which is set by the distributor, according to the original owner when he was gouging out the eyes of everyone. That only equates to two dollars on a twenty gallon tank, and three dollars on a thirty gallon tank. A convenience store is for convenience, not cheap, you pay for convenience. It is a sad state of affairs when a group of people are voted out of office, and others who trail behind them because the people want a change in leadership take such low handed means to undermine a person who is trying to make Bayside a resident friendly community to live, versus a resident limiting regime who wanted to transform the sleepy little fishing viliage into something it is not. The people who truly built Bayside were farmers, shrimpers, fishermen, plant workers, just plain old people. Keep up the good work Ken. Don't let those who have skeletons in the closet to get you down. There are more stories of wrong doing that can come out of the skeleton closet if necessary.
August 31, 2010
WOW! I got my water bill! 35 days worth! WOW! Looks like the over qualified fantastic staff is doing their job so well! WOW! How about that agenda that stays up in the post office for 3 WEEKS after the council meeting???? WOW! Great job! Confidentiality in the city office with all the "volunteers" behind the counter???? WOW! Using my hard earned taxpayer money to pay for King Ken's newsletter....PRICELESS!!!