Sins of the past
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Until last week, I thought the disgraceful firing of Judge Fred Garza had simply become a closed ugly chapter in Beeville’s political history. I was, therefore, disgusted to see the clumsy attempt by (Mayor Ken) Chesshir, (Mayor Pro Tem John) Fulghum and (Councilman David) Carabajal to honor Judge Garza. In my opinion, this was an attempt to right the wrongs of four years prior, perpetrated by (then Councilman) Gilbert Herrera, Fulghum and Chesshir? If so, Chesshir and Fulghum owe it to this community to publicly apologize for their shameful misdeeds and their complete lack of care and compassion for Judge Garza.

If this wasn’t the reason for the proclamation, then it was certainly to further tuck Carabajal (now Judge Garza’s son-in-law) into their pockets so they could continue to have the majority of the votes needed on the council to continue their distasteful shenanigans.

In either case, by passing the resolution, Chesshir and Fulghum admit that Judge Garza never deserved to be fired and that his firing was ill motivated. Otherwise how can Chesshir and Fulghum even justify their most recent action. They owe a public apology to Judge Garza’s family and to the community as a whole. It might not mean much to them but it would certainly go a long way toward healing the wounds of Judge Garza’s family that their despicable and treacherous act left in their memories.

I doubt that Chesshir and Fulghum will do the honorable thing and admit their misdeeds. But whether they do so or not, at the very least I think the refurbished Municipal Court Building should be named the Fred V. Garza Municipal Court Building in his honor. That is the very least that can be done to make up for the sins of the past perpetrated by these people.

Arnold Medina
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