Shop (small) ’Til You Drop

Shop Small Saturday returns to Mathis on Nov. 26, and Silvia Mireles of Dalia’s Boutique and Flower Shop is ready, offering discounts other surprises on the shop’s wide variety of items. More than 25 local businesses will be participating in the event with lots of prizes and special offers for shoppers.

With Small Business Saturday, also known to as “Shop Small Saturday,” happening Nov. 26, it’s a perfect time to get out and explore what Mathis has to offer.

With more than 25 shops participating this year, local residents have the opportunity to visit places that have virtually everything for the upcoming Christmas season such as barbecue, clothes, auto accessories, cars and clothes.

Dalia’s Boutique and Flower Shop is one such business that pretty much has something for everyone.


From fishing poles and piñatas to jewelry, clothes and Pink Zebra candles, it can fill mostly anyone’s holiday needs.

“I love running my own business and the clientèle I interact with on a day-to-day basis,” Silvia Mireles, who runs the boutique portion, said.

“It can be frustrating going all the way to Corpus to shop. So we opened up here where everyone can shop instead of traveling. We also decided to make it a one stop shop.”

The boutique was opened in the mid-2000s and was located in downtown Mathis before Mireles decided that her and her mom, Dalia, should merge the two businesses. Her mom is the florist who handles the fresh flower orders as well as funeral and party arrangements.

“We have a little bit of everything,” Mireles said showing off her shop. “The high school kids call it the little Mathis mall.”

“We do whatever we can to get what customers want.

“And they asked me for luggage next, for traveling, so they’re already on their way.”

This is the second year in a row the boutique and flower shop will be participating in Shop Small Saturday.

Last year, Mireles said, they had a great turnout so the national program seems to be helping out.

“Maybe not everyone bought something, but they came in and saw our shop and about 40 percent of those people came back.”

And what will the shop be offering this year to entice the locals to come in and explore the jam packed location?

The store is offering $100 in store credit for those who come in and register after a $5 purchase, as well as deep discounts on many items.

With the help from the Mathis Economic Development Cooperation lending sponsoring the event, Shop Small Saturdays has grown since its inception and continues to bring the community closer together to explore what the city has just around the corner.

And with the success of the event, Mireles isn’t just sitting around waiting for the people to come. She and her mother have a new business plan in place that should make shopping local even easier.

They’re currently developing a website so anyone can shop online from the boutique and flower shop.

“It’s already in progress, we’re just waiting for them to approve it.”

And Mireles looks happy thinking of new ways to get people what they want and need.

I love the freedom of being a small business owner. I enjoy not being tied down to a 9 to 5 job even though I work much longer on certain days, it’s O.K. because I get more free time with my family.

“And here, we just try to make people happy.”

Dalia’s Boutique and Flower Shop is located at 1010 North Front St. and residents looking to participate in Shop Small Saturday can pick up the paperwork at City Hall, 411 East San Patricio Ave., or at the Mathis EDC building, 111 E. San Patricio Ave., during regular business hours.

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