Michael Loya, Court Coordinator with the Bee County Judge's Office posted the following water update/notice to Beevillians on Friday at 5 p.m.:


Updated as of 2/19/2021 @ 9:00 a.m. 

 Note: The bolded sections are new additions to the Water System Update. 

After you read the following updates, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our Emergency Operations Center at 361-492-5981. 

Water System Update: Demand for water continues to exceed our capacity for water production. The City of Beeville is still under a Boil Water Notice due to reduced distribution system pressure. (Please refer to the notice for further information). 

Power has been restored at the Morrill Water Treatment Plant and Raw Water Intake Structure at Lake Corpus Christi. The City of Beeville has been able to pump 3.2 million gallons a day off the back-up generators (which is our normal daily water usage). With the power back on, we anticipate that we will be able to produce 4.4 million gallons per day. However, we do not know if the 4.4 million gallons per day will be able to keep up with the high water demand that we are currently experiencing due to residents leaving their faucets running. Therefore, we are currently filling all ground / elevated storage tanks to max capacity and distribute to all residents. 

As temperatures increase we are expecting to see an increase in water main breaks. If this occurs, it may further impact water pressure in our water system. 

As of early this morning all storage tanks have been filled at max capacity and water is being distributed, some parts of town will get water before others depending on their location and proximity to water storage tanks. In order to maintain water pressure and keep up with water demand please conserve water once you receive it. 

There will continue to be periods of times when no water will be available. This is necessitated to meet the demand for water and allow the City to replenish the depleted water storage tanks throughout town. This will continue until temperatures rise above 32 degrees that allows residents from having to leave their faucets open and reduces water main breaks in the system. If you experience a water main break in your home/business you may turn off your water valve or if your unable to turn off your valve, please call 361-358-4641 ext. 231, 232 or 233 during working hours; after hours call the Beeville Police Department at 361-358-8100. 

 We need all citizens that are receiving water to conserve as much as possible until the City has lifted the Boil Water Notice. As daytime temperatures over the next days are forecasted to be above freezing, we ask that residents please refrain from leaving your faucets running during the day when temperatures are above 32 degrees as this is a major contributing factor to the increased demand. During the night when temperatures are below freezing, customers may leave their faucets dripping. The more the demand for water can lowered, the faster the City will be able to refill the City’s water storage tanks to distribute water to customers and increase the water pressures. 


Is the City going to distribute water to residents? 

- The City is in the process of acquiring bottled water to be able to distribute to residents. Right now we do not have an estimated time when this will be available.  

When will the water be fully restored? 

- When resident’s no longer need to leave their faucets open, this will reduce the demand for water. Depending on temperatures below 32 degrees will determine when that occurs. 

Why are the water wells at Chase Field not being utilized? 

- Chase Field Facility is out of power and there are no back-up generators at this facility. 

Does the hospital have water for their patients? 

- The hospital is a priority community facility, they have been able to provide their own back-up water supply and the City will supplement water as needed. 


Why is water pouring out of hydrants, and residents have no water this morning? 

- The City had to open hydrants to allow air to be released as water came into the system. 


Moore Street Wastewater Treatment Plant: The City’s Moore Street Wastewater Treatment Plant Continues to operate with limited weather impacts. 

Power Outages: The City of Beeville has no control of the power outages that were caused by the Winter Storm. Residents are advised to prepare for additional power outages as ERCOT and AEP work on restoring power. 

We are asking all Citizens that have electricity to conserve as much as possible until the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has lifted the Outage Restoration. For information and updates, please visit www.ercot.com 

Republic Services: Due to the inclement weather trash services may be delayed. There will not be recycling pick up this week. Please check Facebook (Bee OEM) and the City’s Website (www.beevilletx.org) for further updates on trash pick-up notifications from Republic Services. 

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this weather event. The City, Bee County and Emergency Management Office have joined together to address issues that we are all encountering during this winter storm. The City will provide another water system update late tomorrow morning. 

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