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Amanda Cavazos, Sofia Cavazos, Kristina Cavazos and Anita Rose smile for a photo at the 50 Women of Distinction event. Kristina was honored as a woman of distinction at the event on Aug. 25. (Contributed photo)

Kristina Cavazos has put together the recent Chalking for Mental Health, gave resources to the community regarding mental health resources and provided funding for local counseling service in Beeville. These are among the reasons that Cavazos was recognized as one of 50 women recognized at the recent Women of Distinction event held at the Coastal Bend College and put together by Coastal Bend Publishing.

Cavazos works as an administrative assistant at Serenity Counseling Services. To Cavazos, however, it does not feel like a job at all.

“It is a wonderful place and it is such a blessing to work at,” said Cavazos I have people who have the same heart as me who are wanting to help others that are in need. I’m so grateful for being able to work at Serenity.”

Cavazos handles calls from people who are in need of counseling service. She said that the waitlist includes 147 people. This waitlist grows each day.

“I have those calls. I get those calls,” said Cavazos. “It just made me think, ‘how can we help these people?’”

From there, Cavazos developed Chalking for Mental Health.

When Cavazos isn’t pushing mental health awareness, she is also a fulltime mother. Cavazos’ daughter, Anita Perez, was the inspiration for Chalking for Mental Health. Perez is four years old and expresses herself through her drawings.

“That’s where the chalking came into place,” said Cavazos. “It’s hard for people to be able to express themselves with things that they are going through. ... To speak about what’s happened to them or what’s going on in their life.”

Cavazos also takes her family to the Texas State Aquarium often. She laughed as she recalled that the family had to buy a yearly pass, considering how often they went.

“Family is so important to me,” said Cavozos, “and of course God is the key to everything. We spend a lot of family time together.”

Cavazos works her hobbies into her activities as well. She talked about a princess party that she threw back in October 2021.

“I try to do as much as I can and help people,” said Cavazos. “... My heart is always in it to help people (the Purple Door) and I were able to provide Pampers and wipes and toothpaste and toothbrushes.”

Cavazos attributes her giving nature to her mother Sofia Cavazos.

“My mother is the kindest person,” said Kristina. “She has the biggest heart that I’ve ever known. My mom is just one of a kind. She showed me how to care and how to love. How to be compassionate to others and treat others the way you would want to be treated. I try to impart that on my daughter every single day and be as good of a mother as my mother is to me.”

God is also one of Kristina’s role models, stating that without his guidance and grace, she would not be the person she is today.

Kristina’s desire to help has not slowed down in the wake of her award. She is now planning future events through Serenity Counseling Services. Through Facebook, they have created a page called Support Mental Health Spin It to Win It. Serenity Counseling Services is teaming up with sponsors for this weekly event. The money raised through this raffle will help with community counseling expenses in Bee County. The next raffle is scheduled for Sept. 9. Those who are interested can purchase tickets through Cashapp at $BMHF22. Interested individuals can also learn more at the Support Mental Health Spin it to win it Facebook page.

Kristina was shocked and grateful to be recognized as a woman of distinction. During the event, Coastal Bend Publisher Dennis Wade challenged the present women to think of someone else who should be honored next year. Although Kristina is keeping the name of the individual under wraps, she already knows who she will nominate next year.

Kristina looks forward to what she can do to help the community going forward. To her, the recognition is another step in helping those in need.


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