The Bee Area Partnership is hard at work with partnered companies to bring new business to Bee County. A number of different businesses are working to get its industry up and running in Chase Field.

NAFFCO ambulance construction

According to Randy Seitz, NAFFCO is working with Triga Fire Solutions to construct new ambulances for use in the area.

NAFFCO, a United Arab Emirates based company, is in the process of shipping their equipment in from overseas. In addition, NAFFCO has ordered the chassis they plan to use in construction of these ambulances.

Seitz stated the chassis order has been delayed due to the bottleneck in local vehicle orders in the USA. Vehicle orders are taking close to eight or nine months to be fulfilled during this time.

“They’ve been ordered and have a significant delivery date attached to them but they are gearing up and getting ready to start producing ambulances here shortly,” said Seitz.

Bear Solutions

Bear Solutions is moving equipment into Chase Field to get its plastic pallet production up and running. These products will be manufactured largely out of recycled plastic.

The Bee Area Partnership had announced on April 27 that Bear Solutions agreed on a lease. While construction is still underway on the recycling facility, the materials needed for the facility, including a hydraulic press, are now arriving.

Bear Solutions is also working on a project that will introduce a chemical recycling process, which will break down plastic waste to atoms. These can then be further broken down into materials that will be used in jet fuel and plastic packaging materials.

Steel Dynamics supplier

In addition to these ongoing projects, the Bee Area Partnership is in negotiations with a company that is a supplier for Steel Dynamics. No name was given to the company, as the deal has not been finalized.

“We are right at the finish line, getting ready hopefully to ink a deal with them,” said Seitz. “They will be building a brand new facility out at Chase Field.”

The unnamed company is a chrome plating facility.

Seitz confirmed that the company also supplies materials to Tesla.

Economic Impact

Seitz is excited for the way these companies will impact the local economy in Bee County.

According to Seitz, the NAFFCO production facility will employ 400 employees. Bear Solutions will employ 200 employees. The Steel Dynamical Supplier will employ 20 employees.

“In the next twelve months to 24 months, there will be over 620 employees that will be working out of Chase Field,” said Seitz. “If you did the math, the annual average salary of $35,000 a year times 600 people, there will be an incredible amount of payroll that will be produced out of Chase Field.

Seitz and the team at the Bee Area partnership work hard to bring new business to the county.

“It starts with an aggressive marketing campaign,” said Seitz. “We at the Bee Area Partnership spend a great deal of our time filling the funnel with leads. We work those leads to the goal. Our goal with every lead is to get them here for a site visit.”

The secondary goal for the Bee Area Partnership is to convince 10% of those who visit to invest in the county.

In 2021, the Bee Area Partnership developed 101 leads, sent out 24 prospect proposals, had 14 site visits and had four brand new companies in Bee County. These four companies were NAFFCO, Bedrock Truck Beds, Starbucks and Spino’s Dumpsters.

So far, in 2022, the Bee Area Partnership has secured just under 100 leads. Seitz has had 10 site visits and one brand new company, Bear Solutions. By the end of the year, Seitz has a few projects right at the finish line.

This includes the supplier for Steel Dynamics, A retail restaurant codenamed Operation Cluck-Cluck, a travel center described as similar to Buc-ee’s and an oil and gas company negotiating for a building.

While NAFFCO and Bear Solutions both push finishing construction on its new ventures, Seitz is excited to also see new companies invest in the area.


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