BEEVILLE – Jake Gamez is laughing at an innocent marketing mistake that is gaining him national attention.

He thought it would be funny if he included a condom with his business cards for Fadeaway barbershop.

“Gotta include one of these with every card! You’re going to need it after I cut your hair,” he wrote in a social media post on Twitter.

He made one mistake. He stapled the package, through the center, onto his card, puncturing the latex.

“I didn’t expect this reaction,” he said as comments responded to his post. Some laughed while others were cruel in their response.

His customers don’t care. They are laughing with him, knowing it was all meant in fun.

“At least a few times a day, someone will come in here and say, ‘I saw you on Twitter,’” he said. “It has been getting  a lot of attention.”

The Daily Mail, a national news online publication, even wrote about it.

Since that March post, his business has continued to grow, something it was doing even prior to this conceptual blowup.

On Sept. 22, it will be two years since he opened his shop at 1404 W. Corpus Christi St.

Previously, he was working for the prison system here but knew that wasn’t going to be his long-term career.

Looking back now, he knows he was always on this path.

“In middle school, I would cut my friends’ hair,” he recalls. “They got some pretty messed-up cuts.”

The idea to get his license came years later as he was visiting with a friend who was going to barber college.

With that encouragement, he decided to do the same, leaving behind the state job and taking a chance by opening his own shop.

He is up to three other employees now — a seemingly full house for the business.

Even when business is slow, the chairs are full and the waiting room has at least one sitting in line.

“This is slow,” he said looking out at the room with every barber chair filled. “We will get busier after school lets out.”

The atmosphere — they keep that light as everyone jokes and talks.

It’s a barbershop environment catering to men’s cuts, shaves, waxes, beard trims and shaves.

“We like our customers to feel like they are just hanging out,” he said.

Jason Collins is the editor at the Bee-Picayune and can be reached at 343-5221, or at