The Coastal Bend College Board of Trustees approved the proposed annual operating budget for fiscal year 2023. As part of the new budget, all hourly employees received a $2 per hour raise.

The total proposed revenue was $23,881,756. The proposed operating budget was $10,348,239. The proposed salary with increases was $13,533,503. with the operating budget and salary subtracted from the proposed revenue, this leaves a surplus of $14.

In other business, the Coastal Bend College Board of Trustees discussed and took action on the following items:

• Heard a report from Coastal Bend President Dr. Justin Hoggard. During the update, Hoggard noted that an external reviewer visited Coastal Bend College. The reviewer met with students, faculty and board members of Coastal Bend College. He gave input to Hoggard, who know has a time frame to complete the report with documentation by December. It will be made available to the public for review.

• Heard that Coastal Bend College was awarded $3.1 million in TRIO Upward Bound grants.

• Heard a safety update. Hoggard said that they have a system they are going to check after issues with the current system were discovered during a lockdown. Oscar Rodriguez, the acting Coastal Bend College chief of police, gave basic safety information to the board. He proposed that all doors be locked, with the exception of fire escapes. He did note that, at this moment, door locks are being implemented on campus. Hoggard made clear that all lockdowns are to be taken seriously. He commented that, unless advance warning has been given that a drill will take place, all lockdowns should be treated as legitimate.

• Read the Bee County Appraisal District certification of values for 2022 regarding Coastal Bend College in Bee County.

• Set and adopted a proposed tax rate of $0.16403 per $100 valuation.

• Approved a memorandum of understanding between Coastal Bend College, Texas Workforce Solutions and the city of Kingsville.

• Amended the 2022-2023 academic calendar. This amendment will recognize a Juneteenth holiday. The summer sessions were adjusted to accommodate the new holiday.

• Approved revisions to board policy FLD, proposed revisions to board policy DGBA, proposed revisions to board policy GB and newly proposed board policies DGBA and FLDB.

• Adopted a revised board policy DEC upon first reading due to special circumstances involving statutorily required peace officer leave.

• The board entered an executive session, in which no motions were made in the closed meeting.

• Affirmed the composition of a letter to inform affected individuals of the board’s decision.

• Tabled a discussion on board committee assignments and responsibilities.


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