CBCF announces $280K special food pantry grant

The Coastal Bend Community Foundation on Wednesday announced the awarding of $280,000 to the Coastal Bend Food Bank. Administration and staff were on hand to accept the check at the CBFB location in Corpus Christi.

CORPUS CHRISTI – On Wednesday, Sept. 18, the Coastal Bend Community Foundation awarded its Food Pantry Special Grant totaling $280,000 to the Coastal Bend Food Bank and Food Bank of the Golden Crescent for the benefit of area food pantries.

Bee County received $17,915.30 of the grant for their local food pantries.

The Food Banks will allocated the $280,000 among 80 organizations – 64 food pantries and 16 mobile food pantries – based upon what each organization paid for food in 2018.

The grant will be prorated to cover 79% of those annual amounts, and each pantry will have a credit at the Food Banks from which they can draw through Aug. 31, 2020.

According to the Food Banks’ records, last year these pantries served a total of 274,162 individuals in seven counties.

“We believe this grant will have great impact in our Coastal Bend communities by helping to provide such a large amount of food assistance, especially helping families, children, and the elderly,” Karen Selim, Coastal Bend Community Foundation President & CEO said.