With the holiday season approaching, the Bee County Chamber of Commerce recently got the jump on gift ideas for locals to bid on.

The chamber’s first online auction, in lieu of a traditional fall banquet event, ended this past week with exciting presents for winning bidders.

One of the main attractions for the auction was an array of gift baskets from local vendors. A package from Blue Ribbon Country Store sold for over $100, a package that included a camouflage cooler, caps, koozies and Yeti brand cups for weekend get-togethers. Other vendors who pitched in gift baskets included Hampton Inn Beeville, the Refugio County Chamber of Commerce, Whataburger Beeville, Coffee Barrel, Schultz & Wroten, Camacho, New Century Hospice, Hattie & Hazel’s and HEB Beeville.

Several items were on display for the home and garden. Particular interest was paid to Arden Place Beeville’s Iron Cake Stand, made with rustic Pomeroy and coming with a glass cover. Various home, garden and dining decors were also provided by Factory Connection Beeville, Cadillac Jacks and Camacho.

Unique prizes were also up for bid during the chamber’s auction period. Coastal Bend College provided a Vizio-brand smart TV with 4K UHD LED capabilities. The television bidding went deep into the auction period, going for over $200. Prosperity Bank donated a “Ropin’” marble etching made by David F. Gray, going for over $250 in the bidding process. 

Live entertainment was also available to bid on, specifically two nights at the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show in Mercedes in March 2022. The package allowed bidders to choose their specific two days for the week-long show. Locally, Aztec Chevrolet donated a two-man guided fishing trip that sold for over $150.

For more information on Bee County Chamber of Commerce events, visit www.experiencebeecounty.org or visit the group’s Facebook page at Facebook.com/BeevilleChamber.


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