The organizers of the Texas Mile event auto racing event scheduled for Oct. 29-31 in Beeville now have the answer to their request for financial assistance from the city.

At a Sept. 28 meeting of Beeville’s city council, the event was awarded $35,000 from hotel/motel tax funds to help stage the racing event. The organizers had previously requested $50,000 from the city’s fund in July, with the request previously tabled due to finalization of the city’s 2021-22 fiscal budget.

City Manager John Benson explained that the $35,000 given to the Texas Mile is the same amount given for the March event. The $50,000 amount would have been a “significant reduction” of the hotel/motel funds during the beginning of the city’s fiscal year, Benson said. He also pointed toward economic impact analysis that states the event brings in around $42,000 in retail sales and local tax impact. Benson says that the amount given out doesn’t have to be “dollar-for-dollar” on what is recouped, but the $42,000 figure did play a role in giving out $35,000.


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