City, county experience slight declines in July sales tax rebates

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AUSTIN – State Comptroller Glenn Hegar’s latest report on city and state sales tax rebates showed a decline for this month in both Beeville and Bee County.

However, year-to-date figures were still positive for both taxing entities.

The report showed that Beeville’s rebate of $342,220.33 was down by 0.24 percent when compared to the $343,059.43 the city received last July.

So far this year, the comptroller’s office has sent $2,676,532.08 to the city, reflecting an increase of 3.59 percent more than the $2,583,696.93 the city had collected from Austin by this time in 2018.

The rebate sent to Bee County for July was reported to be $142,429.25. That was a decline of 2.03 percent from the $145,388.70 the county received last July.

Year-to-date rebates have totaled $1,114,233.96 for Bee County.

That is an increase of 11.57 percent when compared to the $999,669.76 the comptroller’s office reported sending to the county last year.

Statewide, sales tax revenue was reported to be $2.68 billion in July, reflecting an increase of 4.3 percent from that of last year at this time.

Hegar said sales tax revenue for July increased “modestly.” He said services and restaurant sectors led the growth in Texas businesses.

Sales taxes are collected at the time of sale by businesses in Texas and reported to the comptroller’s office either monthly or quarterly.

The state then rebates the amount of the taxes collected to cities, counties, transit authorities and special taxing entities depending on the percentage of sales each entity levies.