Beeville gained some good financial news this month, courtesy of a statewide surge in sales tax revenue.

The city took in a chunk of the $1.07 billion distributed by Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar on Nov. 10, based on sales made in September by businesses that report tax monthly. Also added to the November total are sales taxes brought in during July, August and September by quarterly filers.

In September, Beeville took in a payment of $349,546.64, up 12.20% from the Nov. 2020 payment from the comptroller of $311,529.28. Year-to-date, the city has received $3,484,786.34 from the comptroller, up 4.30% from this point in 2020.

Beeville’s increased sales tax revenue echoes statewide numbers in Texas. In total, Texas cities received $697.8 million during the month, up 19.5% from Nov. 2020. Transit systems in the state received $225.8 million, up 20.9% from this time last year.

Texas counties took in $62.3 million, an increase of 18.8% from Nov. 2020. Special purpose taxing districts received $88 million, up 30.4% from last November’s payment.

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