City staff, police on the move

Sgt. Chris Haller steps onto a trailer to get another box of items being moved from the Beeville Police Department offices at 402 N. Washington St. to the Police Training Center at 608 W. Milam. All BPD administrative offices will be at that location for the next two to three months as the City Hall and Police Department locations are cleaned of mould contamination and asbestos following a plumbing leak that flooded the building several weeks ago. Police Chief Robert J. Bridge is pictured in his dressed down mode with Haller.

BEEVILLE — Police department employees were busy moving out of their permanent headquarters at 402 N. Washington St. to the temporary location at the Police Training Center at 608 W. Milam St. Tuesday.

Police Chief Robert J. Bridge reminds residents that the place to go for assistance is to the existing headquarters building, where dispatchers still will be located.

The police department has joined the staff at the City of Beeville offices at City Hall in moving out of the building at the corner of North Washington and West Cleveland streets to allow professional cleaning of the building.

Several weeks ago a water leak flooded most of the structure with two to three inches of water. The flooding of the floors and lower walls of the building resulted in mold contamination.

As inspectors checked the facility, they also discovered that parts of the building contain asbestos.

The staff in both parts of the building have been moving to new locations to allow cleanup crews into the facility to remove the mold and asbestos.

Because the section of the building that houses the BPD lobby and communications department was added after the facility was built, it is on a separate air conditioning system.

That part of the building also was not affected by the flooding, so it has not been contaminated.

Bridge said all administrative offices will be temporarily operating at the training building. He said the cleanup of the City Hall and BPD building is expected to last about two months, depending on how the cleanup progresses.

The chief said all non-emergency phone calls for police assistance or information should be made to the existing telephone number, (361) 358-8100.

Bridge said all detectives working on cases will be operating at the training center.

All interviews will be conducted in that facility and will be made by appointment until the cleanup at City Hall and the police station have been completed.

Bridge stressed that anyone who has business to conduct at City Hall now will need to report to three different locations.

The building inspection staff has been moved to the city’s finance offices at 602 N. Washington St., and the utilities collection staff has been moved to the municipal court building, 405 N. St. Mary’s St.

All administrative offices for the City of Beeville will be moved to the John C. Fulghum Event Center at 111 E. Corpus Christi St.

Bridge said the city manager’s and city secretary’s offices will be moved to the event center.

All City of Beeville offices will be included in the move.

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