County, city approve agreement for vicious dog control

County Judge Trace Morrill

BEEVILLE – County and city leaders both approved an agreement with city officials for their help in dealing with vicious dogs.

Commissioners, earlier this month, had reviewed a similar agreement but voiced concerns over some of the wording. County and city officials would later meet to discuss these requests and draft the agreement presented to commissioners last week.

“The only change we made was that the sheriff would be the contact person when needed,” said Commissioner Carlos Salazar Jr.

Commissioner Dennis DeWitt, during commissioners court Monday, May 11, said that they had hoped the city would accept a lump yearly sum for the service, but that was declined.

“They were pretty firm that is not what the city council wanted,” DeWitt said. Instead, the city will bill the county for each call.

The agreement does have some stipulations on the types of calls that the city will handle.

• The city shall only respond to calls for small domesticated dogs, cats and reptiles. The city animal control officers shall not respond to calls involving livestock.

• Animal control calls shall constitute an animal bite/attack or wild animal/reptile outside a home/business.

If an animal is to be quarantined, then Bee County will be responsible for finding a location.

The city also agreed, this time with minimal discussion Tuesday May 12, the agreement.

The cost

The county agrees to pay $28 per hour if a supervisor is called and $20 per hour when an animal control officer is called during the weekday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

After hours and on weekends, this increases for supervisors by $10 per hour and by $6 per hour for an officer.

Additionally, the county agrees to pay a transportation fee to a veterinarian of $25, a tranquilizing fee, per attempt of $40, a euthanasia fee of $50 for animals under 50 pounds and $10 for each additional pound and a disposal fee of $20.

Commissioner Ken Haggard offered his appreciation to Salazar who spearheaded this agreement.

“I know Commissioner Dewitt and I have fought for this for years and years,” Haggard said.

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