Data center leasing at Chase Field

Bee Development Authority (BDA) Director Jaime Arrisola (left) points to the location of one of two landfills on an aerial image Chase Field during the March 9 meeting of the BDA board.

BEEVILLE – An electrical generating station capable of producing 88 megawatts of electricity could be coming to the Chase Field Industrial and Airport Complex.

At its March 9 board meeting, the Bee Development Authority (BDA) board voted to continue negotiations with Longview-based Aperion Energy Group. Lyndon Nance, who is in business development for Aperion, said his company wants to lease 3.4 acres on Perimeter Road to erect the generation station and a mobile office building. Teams of two workers each would be at the station to oversee its operation 24 hours each day.

Aperion is looking to obtain a lease contingent upon financing, Nance said. Thus far, it already has one client for its electricity – a data center that wishes to build on the abutting four acres.

“Right now, we’re bringing in a data center,” he said. “We need an anchor client. Trojan Pipe and the city said they were interested in doing business with us, but they wanted to see an anchor client first.”

Nance added, “Our goal is to work with the BDA to develop the site further and attract more jobs.”

Nance initially had visited BDA on Aug. 12, having become interested in the Chase Field site after learning that the city of Beeville was considering an alternative source of electricity for its water treatment facility nearby. The electricity would be generated by a natural gas pipeline extended to the generation station.

Also during the meeting, BDA Director Jaime Arrisola mentioned that he could not locate records related to  the U.S. Navy’s required annual inspection of two landfills at Chase Field.

“They asked me if I had a record. Then they came back and said they don’t have a record either,” Arrisola said.

Despite the former naval base’s closure in 1993, it still is the Navy’s responsibility to check the landfill’s drainage and to make sure its cap still is in place.

William J. Gibbs Jr. is the senior reporter at the Bee-Picayune and can be reached at 361-358-5220.