hand sanitizer

Coastal Bend Distillery is now selling a hand sanitizer made to the standard of the World Health Organization.

The distillery is producing a liquid alcohol antiseptic topical solution that is 80% alcohol. Consumers should expect the solution to be a liquid, rather than a gel.

While the Coastal Bend Distillery team worked urgently, they also took precautions to ensure their product was made to U.S. Department of Health and World Health Organization (WHO) standards, says interim distiller, Craig Olson. “It’s a pretty straight forward recipe, and we’re in a fortunate position to have license and access to these crucial ingredients.”

The company is providing this first to local healthcare workers, law enforcement, civic bodies and other essential and nonprofit businesses. The company is designating a portion of it for sale to the public as well — with a limit of 16 ounces purchased per day.