After heading to Hollywood to work on a documentary with Corey Feldman earlier this year, Beeville’s Adan Gonzales is heading back to La La Land, this time teaming up with 90s hip hop icon Vanilla Ice. The big difference this time around is that he’ll be in front of the camera for a national TV spot.

On June 1, the hotdog company Bar S announced their ‘Iconic Summer Mashup’ contest to promote outdoor grilling with their brand.

“We wanted to salute the summer season with something fun and unexpected,” Bar-S Foods Marketing Director Jeff Gaunt said in a statement.

Vanilla Ice added, “The 90s were an iconic time, and I’m always looking to add a little of that nostalgia and a whole lot of fun to the game.

“It’s going to be a blast bringing this epic music video to life with one lucky fan and a friend.”

When Gonzales was tagged on a social media post for the contest he decided to give it a shot.

“Somehow everybody knows I’m into this kind of thing,” he laughed. “So on the last day of submissions I sent in my 30 second clip explaining why I should win. The reasons being that I am a lifelong fan – even of his obscure stuff – and that my YouTube audience would love to come along for the ride.”

On a side note, Ice’s official YouTube channel had previously reached out to Gonzales to make a video on the iconic rapper just a few months ago.

Back to the contest, Gonzales said he was notified a day after it ended that he had won with the judges saying it was one of the most interesting submissions they received. 

“The process after winning the contest was interesting,” he added. “There’s so much paperwork and red tape, but we kept up with it.”

He also had to have an online meeting with the director and marketing executives about the video shoot and what he would be doing in the video, which will premiere online and on air July 21.

“All I know about the video shoot right now is that I will be featured in a 90s beach barbecue scene in full wardrobe and the song is a cover version of the classic ‘Baby Got Back’, only this time for Bar S Foods, its ‘Baby Got Buns’,” he laughed. “Needless to say, I am ready.

“Also, one of the coolest thing I discovered is I will be getting my (Screen Actors Guild) card which is something I’ve always wanted.”

With Gonzales putting in the work curating his YouTube channel over the years and generating a rather large fan base, he still thinks it’s crazy that he’s heading to Hollywood the second time in his life – and second time in six months – to work with one of his favorite artists growing up.

“Anybody who knows me knows I’m genuine about this kind of stuff,” Gonzales said. “However, all of my accomplishments have come with hard, hard work. This Vanilla Ice thing just kind of fell into my lap, I guess because I’m awesome,” he laughed.

“It’s going to be a fun experience, so all I have to say is ‘Word to your mustard.’”


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