I admit I don’t know much about this season, but by simply listening to the people around my kingdom, I know it is pretty special, just as I am. They talk a lot about Thanksgiving and Christmas. I listen and I learn. You should try it sometimes.

Here is a path that all of you people should follow if you really want to have, perhaps, the best holiday season you have ever had.

Let’s start with Thanksgiving. I learned that this is a very special time to be thankful and eat too much. I am thankful and eating too much comes naturally so this is the perfect holiday for me. If you want to have a great Thanksgiving do this: Bring me a lot of Kat Food that has turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, giblet gravy, green bean casserole, pumpkin and pecan pie.

You should also bring me something to drink like iced tea. I promise to be very thankful and move you up in the pecking order.

For you who don’t take this highly intellectual Thanksgiving path and bring me the specific treats, go gobble!

After Thanksgiving we can all take a break and several deep breaths before y’all start searching the retail aisles for great stuff for me.

Christmas, I have learned is a super special time. This is the time of year that Jesus Christ is celebrated. It’s His birthday.

This is a great celebration and also a really prime opportunity for gift giving. In my Kat world the gift giving is a one way street and you can figure out which way the street goes, in my direction!

In addition to Thanksgiving food you are bringing me, here is how to really have a wonderful holiday season. Buy me stuff. Lots of stuff. Ya’ll can all be Santa Claus and make this Kat really happy.

I have chosen to not write a list because I don’t what to stifle your Kat creative gift buying. I will, however, put a limit on the spending each of you should use as a guide. Please limit your spending on this wonderful Kat to $1 million.

The invitation stands, if you are ever in the area please stop in and let’s visit.

And bring stuff!

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