The University of Houston-Victoria has released the names of undergraduate students who made its spring 2021 President’s and Deans’ lists.

The President’s List honors undergraduates who earn a 4.0 grade-point average on all work completed during the spring semester. To qualify for the Deans’ List, undergraduates must earn at least a 3.5 grade-point average.

The recognitions are awarded each fall and spring semester. A minimum of nine semester hours is required. Any student who earns a grade of “Incomplete,” D or F during the semester is excluded from consideration.

Following is a list of students by school who made each list and their home cities. Students who qualified for the President’s List automatically made the Deans’ List and are not listed twice.

School of Arts & Sciences

President’s List

Pedro Briones, Beeville

Jonathan Huwe, Beeville

Kalyn Watson, Berclair

Brynna Billo, Goliad

Daniel Perez, Goliad

Madelyn Reitz, Goliad

Jensen Salge, Goliad

Emilee Whitehead, Refugio

Jordan Bryan, Runge

Deans’ List

Steven Scotten, Beeville

Lisa Fuller, Beeville

Janice Hollon Brown, Beeville

Mollee Henicke, Berclair

Kimberly Pruski, Falls City

Maria Carrillo, George West

Sarah Deluna, Goliad

Caroline Roeske, Goliad

Gracey Hoefling, Goliad

Nallely Cordero, Refugio

Jessica Rios, Runge

Sergio Ruiz, Tivoli

Isaac Wollam, Tivoli

School of Business Administration

President’s List

Corey Martin, Beeville

Linda Miller, Beeville

Dara Gomez, Pettus

Deans’ List

Kaylle Lopez, Sinton

School of Education, Health Professions & Human Development

President’s List

Briana Muro, Goliad

Austin Aguirre, Portland

Ryanne Koether, Sinton

Deans’ List

Rita Arredondo, Beeville

Jessalyn Burkett, Beeville

Laira Judd, Goliad

Neil Huskey, Pettus

Kaitlyn Jankovsky, Refugio

Roy Moya, Three Rivers

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