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From left: Animal Control Officer Rhiannon Isbell, Orlando Vega, Maria Vega with Fluffy, Daisy Vega and Beeville Animal Control Adoption and Rescue Coordinator Raquel Martinez pose for a photo. Fluffy had been seperated from his family two years ago when he ran away in Corpus Christi. (Photo by Dennis Wade)

When Maria Vega and her family lost their dog Fluffy in March 2020 in Corpus Christi, she did not expect to ever see that dog again. However, two and a half years later, Beeville Animal Control found Fluffy and called the Vega family to let them know Fluffy had been located. Vega and her kids got ready for a short trip from McAllen to reunite with their family pet.

“We thought that it had been too long, there’s no way,” said Vega. “I honestly feel like it’s a blessing and at the same time I’m in awe. It’s unbelievable that all this time has passed and we were at least able to find him alive.”

After all this time, Fluffy is learning to reacclimate to life with the family. While Fluffy has remained playful, he is also relearning what it is like to be around people.

Along with Fluffy, the family has a second dog, Bubbles. Bubbles also escaped at the same time as Fluffy. While Fluffy had been missing for over two years, Bubbles was found three weeks after she escaped.

According to Vega, Bubbles is also having to acclimate to having another dog in the house. Both dogs are doing well together, as they now play and nap together.

Daisy Vega is Maria’s youngest daughter. While Maria had thought that too much time had passed since they lost Fluffy, Maria never gave up hope that she would see the family pet again, a sentiment shared by her other children, according to Maria.

Daisy is excited to have Fluffy back in the house and back in her life.

“I believe in God and God probably thought we deserved to keep him so he sent him back,” said Maria. “It’s a blessing and something for my kids to hope for. You know, something that you lost is not going to be gone forever. Maybe sometimes in life, it comes back to you.”

While years have passed since they last saw Fluffy, the entire Vega family is excited to bring Fluffy back into their lives.


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