This column’s focus is on health matters, surgical problems and procedures (I am a surgeon), and interesting medical science.

Today we are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. 

It is frightening. 

It is disrupting our jobs and economics. 

It disrupts our social life, our churches and day to day activities. My wife (and others) asks, “How can we live life like this?” Isolated. 

Separated from our routine, our jobs, our friends. The virus threatens the health and lives of each of us. 

My response is, “We have to deal with it.” 

In order to survive, all of us humans must adapt to the situation, particularly the onerous restrictions. The death toll is real.

Why me? Why should humans suffer? 

We are threatened by this virus because it is very successful. Covid-19 is uniquely capable of spreading rapidly. It does not kill most of its “hosts.”

Technically known as SARS-CoV-2, this member of the coronavirus family has knobby spikes on its membrane or outer shell. These resemble a crown (corona). The spikes attach to the host animals’ cells. The virus inserts its genetic material (RNA) into the cell. The RNA then programs our infected cells to stop their usual activity and instead replicates more viruses. This leads to cell death, which creates the disease process. 

Humans currently have little natural immunity to this virus, so there is little natural barrier to the virus’s spread. The natural world does not favor humans or any species over another. It is a matter of successful adaptation.

The virus is successful. Hopefully, we will develop immunity so we can be successful versus the virus. But in the meantime, our success depends on effective, rational means to limit the virus’s spread. 

We must limit the disease and deaths it causes.

This means we must accept a degree of isolation and separation. These are the most effective measures. 

Wanting the situation to be different does not change it. Let us be successful and survive by means of adapting to social distancing. 

Be careful. Wash your hands multiple times a day. Wear a mask when you are out in public. Limit your exposure to others. We can live like this. For the time being, we must.

It is important for you to know that it is safe to go to the hospital or the local clinics for necessary non-Covid-19 medical care. 

The hospital and the clinics have instituted the proper measures, barriers and precautions to insure your safety. We provide masks, wash hands often and screen and separate patients and staff. Please remember that other health issues need attention and pose risks if untreated. 

Be assured we can safely care for your health and all your medical needs.

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