Tales of Bigfoot continue as group seek to find answers

This is one of the tracks found which is believed to be from a Bigfoot.

BEE COUNTY – The search continues and so do the stories of the creature known to many as Bigfoot.

For some, this is just a story. But not everyone.

“Bigfoot does exist,” said Bobby Garza, leader of the South Texas Cryptid Research Team. “I can say this because I personally have seen it.”

Garza, in an effort to find the truth, reached out to other research teams in sharing information on there experiences. With so many stories being told, Garza decided to form his own research and investigative team.

“The South Texas Cryptid Research Team is available to anyone who cares to share any information or their experience with Bigfoot,” Garza said. “Many residents of Beeville, Normanna, Pettus, Mineral, Pawnee and Refugio have shared their experience with me and members of my team.”

With landowners permission, he and others have setup game cameras and audio recorders at several locations within Bee County. The result – recordings of screams and howls that sound as though something is mimicking the animal calls.

“Eyewitness statements out of Normanna claim there’s not just one but several Bigfoot creatures,” Garza said. “One witness stated seeing a large, hairy creature with a juvenile walking across her yard into a nearby pasture. 

“She also has witnessed it walking at night towards the Normanna Fire Station.

“Another witness I spoke with stated that while working on a ranch feeding cattle, he saw a tall, hairy ‘man’ standing next to his work truck watching him. When the ‘hairy man’ noticed him walking towards his truck, it ran into the woods.”

Team members, too, have their own experiences with this creature.

“The first one was over 40 years ago in Normanna. They would hear banging all around their home at night. This went on almost every night,” a woman on the team relayed to Garza. “So one night they went outside to see what was causing the banging and saw a tall, black, hairy thing with glowing red eyes standing behind a tree watching them.”

At the time, the woman seeing this creature had not heard of Bigfoot.

“Their second encounter was on a private ranch in Normanna,” Garza said. “One night while sitting on the front porch with other family members, they heard several coyotes howling in the woods, but then something different let out a long, loud scream. 

“This went on for almost 30 minutes, one family member said,” Garza relayed. “Several gun shots were fired into the air to scare away coyotes that were getting closer to the residence, she said.” 

The calls stopped, but then two family members, one of which was a law enforcement officer, saw what they described as “a tall, gray-white stringy-haired bipedal creature” walking across the front yard about 50 feet from where they were sitting.

“She went on to say how they have lost all their chickens, five cats and one dog,” Garza said. “A small baby horse that was kept locked in the corral was found in the field across the ranch, dead.”

Things are still happening at the ranch where this siting occurred.

The howling continues, and the large footprints are still being found.

“Another witness at the same ranch stated that one day he was sitting on his front porch and saw a tall, black, hairy man as he described to me walking across a field,” Garza said. “It was big, he went on to say. 

“It was walking like a man on two legs.

“With so many people in Bee County and surrounding areas all reporting seeing the same thing, how can Bigfoot not exist?

“With so many sightings and reports, how can we say they don’t.”

While sightings continue, most are brief, leaving many to question if what they saw was real.

“I believe Bigfoot has been around Bee County for a very long time, but only until recently have some residents begin to share their experiences,” Garza said. “Others choose not to for fear of ridicule.

“I assure you anyone wanting to share their story with me or my team can remain anonymous.”

For more information about the group or to share a story, call Garza at 361-254-1957.