Life in a not so small town

Michael Saulman, freelance director of photography

“I love the fact that it’s a small, big town, and that everybody doesn’t necessarily know everybody, but they love each other and care about each other,” said Garrett Tindol, speaking to a video director about Beeville. “We support each other. 

“Whether they agree with it or not, if it’s a situation where help is needed, everybody jumps in and helps.”

Tindol was speaking to the video crew shooting for “Behind the Scenes” Tuesday morning telling why he thought this town, and the county, was a great place to “live, work and raise a family.” 

The Bee Area Partnership, the economic development group for the city, county, college and schools, is paying to have the production company come here to film a sampling of local residents who chose to make Beeville and the county their home.

“Garrett and I are both from Beeville and the Beeville community, and we both left and chose to come back and start a family here and raise our kids in the small town,” said Tiffany Tindol, Garrett’s wife. 

“We have great schools. We have magnet academies at the junior high and high school, and we offer foreign language at the elementary schools.

“We’re also central to everything. There’s just a lot to do in this area.”

This video will not just highlight the city and county but also the formation of the Bee Area Partnership.

“The video will talk specifically about the P3,” said County Judge Stephanie Moreno. The P3 is the acronym for what is referred to as the public-private partnership that forms the Bee Area Partnership.

“The BAP (as it is often shortened to) thought there was some real value in using the video as a marketing tool,” Moreno said. “The overall goal of the P3 is to bring in new businesses and to expand our current businesses.”

Once finished, likely by sometime in February, it will be used to promote the communities here to outside businesses and people looking to relocate.

It also will be marketed to public access television.

“That video also comes with a three-minute video specifically focused on why this is a great place to live, work and raise a family,” Moreno said.

The BAP is a joint venture of government and private business. The goal of the group is to promote the county as a whole.

“When I came to office in 2015, the county was in a bit of economic development rut, and we had an industrial park that didn’t have any significant revenues coming,” Moreno said during one take of the interview. “We had about three years of reserves in the bank account to keep the  industrial park open.”

“The Bee Area Partnership was created out of a need to revamp our economic development structure.”

Throughout the day Tuesday, the crew members were videoing scenes downtown, hitting some of the well-known places like Schulz and Wroten Pharmacy, Hogue’s Jewelry and Bethune and Sons.

“I love living in Bee County because it has the small town feel, but it’s not too small,” Tiffany Tindol said on camera. “Everyone kind of knows each other. 

“You don’t go anywhere and meet a stranger. You always see a familiar face. 

“I love seeing the people that watched me grow up. 

“Now we’ve moved home and are raising a family here, and they get to watch our family grow up.”

Jason Collins is the editor at the Bee-Picayune and can be reached at 343-5221, or at