Local teen stars in feature film

Seth Gutierrez

A junior high school student from Beeville, who excels in the classroom and on the soccer field is making a name for himself in the world of cinema.

Seth Gutierrez, 13, of Beeville appears in “The Seventh Day,” which will be shown in theaters beginning Friday, March 26. According to Seth’s mother, Kristen Hutchins, the film will be playing locally at Rio 6 Cinemas in Beeville.

“The Seventh Day” is a horror movie involving exorcism and possession, Seth said. He plays   Nathan – a sweet, kind teenage boy. But as various events unfold, Nathan undergoes dramatic changes.

“My role was shot in March 2020, right before the pandemic hit,” Seth said.

Since the pandemic was declared, the teen’s work has been slow. He is hopeful that situation will improve as state and local governments continue to lift restrictions.

Things were much busier before the coronavirus became a household word. There were times when Seth’s acting assignments almost overlapped.

“Seth was in Mexico acting in the short film “Hermanos” when he got a call back for (“The Seventh Day,”) she said. 

Working on the set was an unforgettable experience for the teenager.

“I enjoyed it,” Seth said. “They were very kind people and they treated me well. But it was definitely a change from short film to a feature film.”

Hutchins said changing to a larger production also meant seeing a much larger crew. For instance, four people formed the makeup crew.

“Seth spent a great deal of time in the makeup chair, probably two to three hours, each time he was on the set,” she said.

While on the set, Seth met one of his heroes, “Iron Man” and “Alien Covenant” actor Guy Pearce.

“I was waiting in the special effects room,” Seth said. “I heard a knock at the door and it was Guy Pearce. He came in and shook my hand and complemented the way I looked.”

The next step for Seth is to continue going on auditions and answering call backs.

“Every opportunity and chance, you’ve got to give it your all,” he said.

Hutchins added, “He gives advice to his fellow actors that you do an audition and then you forget about it.”

Seth, a  seventh-grade student at the Joe Barnhart Academy in Beeville, began acting at age 7 when he starred in a TV commercial. 

“He had the cutest face, and I’ve always said you have to give your kids every opportunity,” she said. “You have to get them to the door. What they decide to do at the door.”

When he is not acting on the silver screen, Seth plays soccer, basketball, football and track. He is also a member of the soccer organization Corpus Christi Football Club. Seth is also a member of the National Junior Honor Society.


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