Mohammed Eleyyan is a Beevillian now. And part of that responsibility means helping Beeville grow, which is exactly what he’s been doing as the general manager of Triga Fire Solutions LLC, the new U.S.-based subsidiary of NAFFCO.

The 37-year-old father of two has been in Beeville for three months now, and he said he’s checked off three of the boxes it takes to be considered a true Texan.

“I like the Mexican food now. And I’ve got my cowboy hat. And my pickup truck,” Elayyan joked during a recent interview.

“People here are helpful and friendly, so I like it here now,” Eleyyan added about Beeville, where Triga will call home after signing a 50-year lease to build the first U.S. manufacturing plant for its Dubai, United Arab Emirates-based parent company.

Elayyan is the leader of the development.

Triga – the name of a three-horse chariot in ancient Rome that NAFFCO founder Khalid Al Khatib chose for the U.S. branch of his company as an ode to his three sons – should be operational at Chase Field within eight to 10 months, according to Eleyyan.

The first few months on the job for Eleyyan have been filled with establishing the business from a paperwork standpoint and also making the first hires for the company, he said.

“We have done our registration and filings for our company, and we have got our registrations with other governmental bodies like the IRS,” Elayyan said. “We started hiring our administrative and sales team members.”

The company made its first official sale in August: a sale of the company’s sanitizing disinfectant product to Aztec Chevrolet.

The company has since sold more of that same product, which is being shipped from the Dubai plant to Beeville, to hotels in both Beeville and also in Kingsville.

Elayyan said he anticipates sales of that product – which made its U.S. debut at the annual Coaches Meet and Greet in early August – to continue as he starts establishing the sales and distribution channels for the first locally-produced items, which will be HDPE and steel pipes and fittings.

“We started building our distribution channels for our products,” Elayyan said. “We got in touch with pipes and fittings distributors, firefighting distribution companies, and sanitizer and disinfectant companies.”

Over the next six months, Elayyan said he hopes to finish all the work required inside the buildings, which would allow the company to begin building its production facilities.

He said he is also hoping to have a production team mostly in place and wants to build a widespread network of distributors to make more sales.

The company will invest about $10 million into the facilities at Chase Field in the first phase of its two-phase plan for the build out of the production facility.

Triga, Elayyan said, will build HDPE and steel pipes and fittings, ambulances and fire rescue vehicles as part of the first phase.

The second phase, which Elayyan said would happen two to three years from now, would see another $5 to $10 million investment from the company.

That phase will add the production of fire pumps, fire extinguishers and fire trucks.

While he manages all that, Elayyan said he continues to seek more members for the company’s sales and marketing teams.

“We are receiving more resumes for qualified people, and what we are doing now is screening and shortlisting for those positions,” he said.

The hiring for production positions will largely be handled through the Texas Workforce Commission, but Elayyan said he envisions the possibility of hosting a hiring event in Beeville as well as the company closes in on beginning production.

The excitement, Elayyan noted, from the people of Beeville has been palpable.

“Most of the people I’ve met, they are very excited to get NAFFCO in Beeville and start having businesses in Beeville,” he said. 

Elayyan said he anticipates his wife of 13 years, Lina, and their two children – 12-year-old daughter Zuhour and 10-year-old son Kamal – will all call Beeville home within the next year.

“My family,” he said, “is excited to come.”


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