In an effort to discourage motorists from exceeding the posted speed limits on city streets, the Beeville Police Department has added a new tool to its arsenal.

Police Chief Robert Bridge said the department recently spent $2,500 in drug forfeiture funds to purchase a handheld radar gun.

“We’ve been needing this for a while,” he said. “But due to budget cuts, we haven’t been able to purchase it.”

 Officers will use the unit to conduct special traffic enforcement, particularly on streets where residents have complained about speeders. Streets such as Stamper, Archer, Inez and Adams definitely will be receiving attention, Bridge said. The department plans to post radar locations ahead of time on its Facebook page.

The chief said the streets that are the worst for speeding are those with long straightaways and few stop signs, allowing motorists to continue picking up speed. Prior to purchasing the radar gun, officers were not adequately equipped to address such a situation.

“The equipment we have right now doesn’t allow us to properly investigate because if we put patrol cars on long streets, people will see them,” Bridge said. “The new radar gun will allow us to monitor from side streets.”

Police are not intending to use the new radar gun as a means of issuing stacks of speeding tickets. Bridge said officers simply want those driving through the city to pay attention and slow down so that no one gets hurt.

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