S-TISD drops tax rate 12 cents

Dr. Dustin Barton

SKIDMORE – Trustees of the Skidmore-Tynan school district are lowering their tax rate 9 percent this year.

This comes as the state is going to kick in what money is being lost with the lower rate.

With the passage of House Bill 3, S-TISD will see an increase in state funding this year.  

Dr. Dustin Barton, superintendent, said, “We are investing this increase in funding in all staff at S-TISD, as all employees will see an increase in their salaries for this school year.

“All support staff to include bus drivers, custodians, maintenance, paraprofessionals and office staff will see an eight percent increase in their hourly rate.  

“Teachers with six to 25 years of experience will receive raises that range from $3,861 to $5,905 depending on their years of service.  

“Teachers with one to five years of experience will receive raises that range from $1,725 to $2,979 depending on their years of service. 

“Counselors will receive a six percent salary increase and administrators will receive a five percent increase of the midpoint salary,” Barton added.  

“S-TISD also was able to offer a retention stipend of $250 to all employees who worked for the district in 2018-2019 and returned for 2019-2020 school year.  Additionally, extra-duty stipends were increased across the board. One thing we are most proud of is that the district contributes $540 per month towards employees’ health care insurance.”

Trustees lowered their operating tax rate from $1.17 to $1.0683 because of HB3.

S-TISD also lowered its tax rate to repay loans and debts two cents from $0.3388 to $0.3188. This will mean a total decrease in the tax rate from $1.5088 to $1.3871, or 12 cents.

“The combination of lowering both the maintenance and operation, and interest and sinking tax rates provided Skidmore-Tynan business and property owners tax relief,” Barton said.

“The tax compression required under HB 3 helps implement two of the Texas Commission on Public School Finance’s major recommendations: Create a long term systemic balance between the state and local share of district foundation funding for public education and significantly reduce the growth rate of property taxes,” according to the Texas Education Agency.

“The nine percent reduction in the S-TISD tax rate to assist business and property owners in conjunction with the increase in compensation for S-TISD employees supports the board of trustees’ efforts to be great stewards for the communities of Skidmore and Tynan and advocates of public education by supporting staff in their efforts to educate students,” Barton said.