BEEVILLE – Trojan football coach Chris Soza brought back his quarterback and wide receivers camp earlier this week and it attracted plenty of future Trojan throwers and pass catchers.

Soza and his staff hosted nearly 40 players at the skills camp, which was held at Veterans Memorial Stadium on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

“It just gives us a chance to work with the quarterbacks and receivers,” Soza said about the camp.

“We call it a skills camp because it involves the skills; to throw the ball, catch the ball, you have to work on those skills, you’ve got to refine those skills.

“... It’s another avenue for those kids to come in and improve.”

Soza led the camp along with his son, Trojan offensive coordinator Eric Soza.

The elder Soza said he could hear himself in his son when he would listen to Eric address the campers about some of the drills.

“It was special. I would listen to Eric and I could kind of hear myself through him,” Chris said.

“He played (quarterback). He’s done it. He went through every camp I ever had. He’s heard it all a thousand times.

“Of course he goes on to play college ball, so he has his own little twist to it because he’s learned a lot of things as well.

“It’s special to have him and it helps me a lot because now I can kind of hand it over to him.”

The improvement made by the campers from the first day to the third was evident, Chris said.

“There was improvement; footwork, their sprint-out action, their drop-back action,” he said. “You see more improvement with the bigger kids because they listen to you more.

Those little bitty guys, sometimes their attention span isn’t very long, but even those young kids, you could see improvement in their throwing action and other things.

“Every little bit helps.”