Michael Willow, the director of the Bee County Office of Emergency Management, released a statement regarding the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine in the county on Wednesday afternoon.

In the statement, Willow explained that the first shipment of Moderna vaccines the county received last month, which included 400 doses, had been exhausted with the second shipment of 500 doses set to reach the county on Jan. 6. 

"There is a lot of confusion and (misinformation) running (rampant) here in Bee County concerning the COVID-19 vaccine. I hope this letter will clear up some of the questions," the statement read.

He also stressed that the county has no way of controlling how the businesses or medical clinics that receive the vaccine make it available to the public.

"There is no set way that the businesses or clinics are notifying the citizens of Bee County, some are making a list some are first come first (serve)," the statement read. "The county has no say so as to how the businesses or clinics are to issue the vaccine."

He then listed four businesses/clinics that will receive vaccines as part of the second shipment:

HEB (361-358-3737)

Walgreens (361-362-0469)

South Texas Family Planning and Health Corp. (361-358-2974)

Careville Pediatrics (361-492-5252)

For any other questions, call the COVID-19 hotline at 361-492-5981.

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