BEEVILLE – For the first time since it was adopted in 1951, voters residing within the city limits are being asked to consider amendments to Beeville’s home rule charter.

Beeville City Secretary Gabriela Hernandez said there are 14 proposed changes to the document.

“It was never taken to the voters,” she said. “The city has worked on possible amendments, but it was never pursued.”

The document has not changed with the times. Hernandez said 69 years ago when the charter was adopted, all city government positions were held by men, so all references to people are as “he.”

“(The charter) needs to be gender neutral,” Hernandez said.

Ironically, only two men – City Manager John Benson and information technology technician Sal Garza – now work in city hall.

All proposed amendments were recommended by the city’s charter review committee and approved by the city council. A summarized version of each of the proposed amendments will appear on the ballot as a single proposition, in accordance with state law. The full text of the charter in its current form can be viewed at

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