BEEVILLE  – Welding students from A.C. Jones High School participated in Corpus Christi Veterans Memorial High School’s inaugural high school welding contest on Nov. 22. 

Beeville competed against six other high schools from across South Texas. There were three different categories of competition welds, and each school had the opportunity to have two welders in each event.

When the awards were handed out, Cameron Serenil and Alvin Tagal won second and third place, respectively, in the T plate division. 

Joseph Benavides captured first place in the open root V-groove vertical plate division. 

In the pipe welding division, Aubrey Lopez won third place.

All the welds produced by these high school welding students were inspected by certified welding inspectors and the pipe welds were X-rayed to American Society of Mechanical Engineers B31.3 standards.

Contest officials mentioned that the top four pipe welds in this contest met the X-ray and welding code standards for ASME B31.3.

“With this first welding contest complete, welding students from the Beeville CTE welding program will be preparing for more welding contests in the coming months,” said welding instructor Richard Beasley. “As welding instructors, Thomas Camacho, Elyssa Lauer and I are extremely proud of all the welding students in our welding programs and the awards these Beeville welders won at Veterans Memorial High School.”