2019 was a very good year at STCH Ministries.

Comparatively speaking, I really don’t know how different 2019 was from any other year that South Texas Children’s Home Ministries (STCH Ministries) experienced, but I do know that any year their mission is accomplished is a very good year.

Last year, via the variety of ministries, STCH Ministries directly impacted the lives of more than 13,000 individuals and families. Some of these ministries are occasional interactions, and some are full-time interactions. All make a difference and have the multiplier effect of fishes and loaves. 

I was blessed to have the opportunity to tour their beautiful campus that was a gift in 1952 from Laura Boothe who had heard from God that she and Rev. Jess Lunsford were to start a home for children in need, on Laura’s 600-plus acres she was donating to the cause. God called, Laura answered. 

The story has it that Laura shared her Divine calling with her pastor, Rev. Lunsford, and he was a bit uncertain so he did not immediately jump at the chance. Rather, he chose to seek spiritual guidance. Rev. Lunsford called, God answered. 

Today, STCH Ministries’ Boothe Campus is an amazing place with amazing ministries reaching to places in the U.S. and internationally with programs that change lives. 

One of the ministries (the one that God called Laura and Rev. Lunsford to start) is the Homes for Children. Here is where children in need call home, for a while or forever. When possible, the objective is to always reunite these children with their home. When that is not possible, these children live in this remarkable place until they head off to college. This beautiful campus, located near Beeville, is where children benefit from a sound and successful structure, operated by people who have no limits to the depth of their love. 

And since God has no limits, He led the team to many additional ministries. In addition to the Homes for Children there is: Homes for Families, Family Counseling, Pastor Care, Faith & Work, Faith & Finances, Family Support, International Mission Trips and, the most important calling of all: a path to salvation through Jesus Christ. 

Ashley Gordon, the director of communications, and Kyle Luke, the vice president of development and communications, were so gracious to share their time and mostly their passion when they gave me and Michelle Myers a tour of this incredible place.

Their mission is encapsulated in these words: “Healing Hearts and Sharing Hope.” 

They specialize in healing broken hearts they didn’t break. 

Visit www.STCHM.org.

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