Halloween in Woodsboro 2021 was a night to forget. At least that is the way the Woodsboro Independent School District (WISD) and the Woodsboro Police Department are behaving.

The aggressively reprehensible action by WISD was breathtakingly hypocritical regarding an awful incident that was part of Halloween. The district acknowledged that it knew of the disgusting event, that WISD students were involved and then proceeded to run away while hiding behind some language in its rules and stated it was unable to take any action against the students since the attack did not happen on school property.

This was cowardly, inexcusable, hypocritical and not true.

What is the message the Woodsboro ISD administration is sending to the other students? Let me speculate: You may behave as stupidly and illegally as you wish and, unless it is on school property, we will do nothing. In fact, if you play football, please feel free to suit up!

It makes one wonder if the alleged perpetrators were members of the band, debate team or any other group other than the football team, would the same bonehead decisions have been made. The district’s own code of conduct states that it is allowed to take appropriate disciplinary action.

Such action should be decisive and driven by a moral authority.

The district’s code of conduct reads that it can take action when…

• School rules and the authority of the district to administer discipline apply whenever the interest of the district is involved, on or off school grounds, in conjunction with or independent of classes and school-sponsored activities.

• When criminal mischief is committed on or off school property or at a school-related event.

Why must we wait so long for the results of an investigation of an event that the WISD states happened? The facts seem to be readily available. Is this poor or incompetent policing or is the department dragging its feet hoping that the public will forget? We will not.

We, as community focused journalists, repeatedly ask and are told the matter is still under investigation. Why must we wait?

If this long-running investigation finds that the awful event did in fact occur, the repercussions to all of Woodsboro are on the way. There is a strong possibility that this event could define the community for years to come. That may not be fair, but it is the truth.

There are some fine people in Woodsboro, and they might all be impacted by this event.

My recommendation is for all of Woodsboro to openly rally behind the right side of this issue and make their disgust widely known.

The Woodsboro ISD school board members should take a deep dive into this matter and take appropriate action or resign. The police department must be more aggressive in finding the truth and then allowing us to shed light on their findings, which we will surely do!

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