At last and other stuff

Here is my new equipment I've finally been given to keep putting out my words of Kat wisdom. (Photo courtesy of one of my office minions)

At last I have my own equipment. 

For however long in Kat years I have been running these newspapers and herding this wily group of humans, I have been forced—forced mind you—to beg, borrow or steal equipment time from someone else. The irony is that whatever they were doing on their equipment, that kept me from using it, pales in comparison to the important and monumental tasks I encounter when writing words of Kat wisdom. 

It may be that they just were worn out from my constant practice of flopping down on their flat thing that will make obnoxious and repetitive noises while also making the other flat thing they look at all day go nuts. I am convinced that is the reason I got my own equipment. They tell me it is something called state-of-the-art. 

Admittedly the new equipment is a bit challenging to work with, and it is in a pretty compromised place, making it difficult to really concentrate, but at least it is mine. Here is a picture of me on my new equipment. Yay, Frio!

Other stuff includes my recent visitors including some from a place called Pennsylvania. The far away visitor (at least that is what I am told because I didn’t even know there was a place called Pennsylvania, much less where it is) is the granddaughter of Kay Cude Past who is also a writer for this newspaper. 

Mariana Past and Ana Bondy, from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, are Kay’s relatives and made the long trip all the way to Beeville to visit with me.  Since they were already headed this way, obviously, they decided to give Kay a visit as well. 

Here is what they wrote in my guest book (the book is a present from Frances Sorrow of Taylor, Texas):

Frio, (that’s me) we’re delighted to meet you in person after following your columns for a while. You keep things hopping here! Keep up the fun frolics and great writing.

These Pennsylvania people are really smart. I do keep things clawing (they wrote “hopping”) here, have fun frolicking and continue to produce great writing. Now that I have my own equipment and know that people far away are as inspired by my words of wisdom as are the people from around these parts, who knows…?

The invitation stands – if you are ever in the area please stop in so we can visit and then you can sign my guest book and even take a selfie! If I am nappin’, you’ll have to wait, but it will be worth it.

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