Don’t panic.

Simple words. Not always such easy in practice.

But it’s something that everyone must remember as the probability increases of confirmed COVID-19 cases occurring in Beeville.

Goliad already has its first instance.

Several people are under quarantine there but as of Friday, no others have tested positive for the coronavirus.

On Thursday, Bee County officials made an announcement that the consortium of businesses and government has created a drive-thru testing facility. This is something sorely needed. This group deserves the community’s praise.

This will mean more and faster access to the test, which will ideally mean more people tested and perhaps result in more confirmed cases. 

This will help as doctor’s work to keep those people off the acute diagnosis list.

As this virus spreads further across the country, it is almost inevitable that it will be found in Beeville. The same inevitability is there that more cases in Goliad will occur. 

Again, this is not a reason to panic and buy everything at the grocery store. Put down the toilet paper.

Beeville is fortunate — lest we ever forget this — to have a hospital the caliber of Christus Spohn-Beeville. Many towns their size and smaller lost theirs long ago.

Prevention though is the key to avoiding all of this.

Americans are being asked to do two essential behaviors, stay home, unless you have an essential reason for not doing so and if you must go out, make sure to stay at least six-feet from anyone.

People aren’t listening. 

Going to the grocery store is fine but don’t take the whole family. This isn’t a time for social hour in the cereal isle.

There are still people talking about play dates for their children and Easter gatherings.

This is contrary to the only thing known that will stop this virus from spreading deeper into our communities.

Stop. It’s this simple;

Stay home. 

Practice Social-Distancing

Cook a meal. 

Go for a walk. 

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