Have you ever asked a kitten what they really think? I’ll bet not. 

So, for all you interested people out there, here is some unsolicited observations from me, Frio.

As you read my thoughts and they sink deeply into your gray matter, remember that I am still pretty young. You might also, as a qualifier, keep in mind that all I had to do to be living a great and very pampered life, is walk in a door. Yep, I really am just that smart, so it will be of great benefit if you take these words-of-kitten-wisdom to heart.

You people move way too fast and spend far too much time doing something you refer to as working. I appreciate that most of my observations are based upon this place they call an office, but still, it is my very young opinion that you need to slow down. Especially when I am on the floor chasing my mouse or the ball that Ginger gave me.

And speaking of mice, I know what my mouse looks and smells like, but I can’t for the life of me, understand why you have things on your desk, you call a mouse, that do not look anything like a mouse. Over time, I am sure I can straighten this misunderstanding out, and everyone will have a mouse that looks and smells like mine.

You people also talk wayyyyyy too much even though you don’t have much to say. If you are not talking about me, try and keep the conversations short. Everyone will be better off, and I can get my much deserved undisturbed rest.

The people in my new home, and maybe all of y’all, don’t spend enough time looking out of the windows. If you spent any time around here at all you will note, with great jealousy, that I love to dedicate time to looking out of the windows, of which there are many. By not looking out of the windows more often, you are missing some really cool things such as the birds (oh, if I could just get my paws on them) build their nests. It is pretty cool to watch, even though I can’t understand why they need to build a nest when all they really needed to do is walk in this office door, just like I did.

Window viewing is also great for observing you people who can’t park, and take my word for it, there are a bunch of you people who can’t park.

That’s enough kitty-cat words of wisdom, so I am going to sign off because it is nearing nap time, and my paws are really tired from all this typing.

Remember that If you are ever in the area, stop in to The Beeville Bee-Picayune so we can meet, but please make sure to not interrupt nap time.

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