Our schools are in for a change.

It’s not because of COVID-19, although that will surely play a role in life here for years to come.

Two superintendents in Bee County are taking other positions which means the search begins for new district leaders.

Dr. Marc Puig, superintendent in Beeville, was named the lone finalist last month at South San Antonio Independent School District.

Now, Dr. Dustin Barton, who heads Skidmore-Tynan ISD, is headed north after accepting the position of assistant superintendent for finance and operations for the Caddo Mills Independent School District.

Both these men have made significant improvements to their districts, expanding programs to give students more options in a world where college is not the goal of every graduate.

Students need not worry. These programs will continue as it is the superintendents that make these programs possible, but the teachers who keep them running.

Now it is back in the hands of the trustees who oversee these schools to find replacements to lead and continue what these men helped begin.

Don’t mess this up.

Don’t settle for second best. Find the best person and the best fit for the district. 

Teachers know that students will aim for the expectations set. Likewise, a school will only reach as high as the expectation of its leaders. 

Find a leader willing to take chances and willing to set goals beyond what was ever thought possible.

A district leader with a head for numbers is wonderful, but find one that will keep the community involved in the schools as these two men have done.

Goliad just recently underwent this search and found Dr. Stacy Ackley. 

Their diligence paid off with a man willing to go out of his way to make others feel welcome.

Despite everything going on now, and uncertain future state coronavirus regulations, Ackley has stayed true to the students, ensuring they have what they need to continue during this time of turmoil. And he is doing it without breaking the district’s proverbial piggybank.

Trustees — the schools are in your hands. Our students are depending on you to put any differences aside and find the best from those who apply.

Set your expectations high and find someone to meet or exceed them.