Beeville school trustees took a highly desirable and much needed step. Our school trustees are establishing an education foundation to help fund what taxes cannot. 

Now it is up to the residents and the businesses to stand with the schools and donate to get this foundation off the ground.

We all know that educating our youth and preparing them for the workforce is critically important and involves much more than attending classes.

Quality education is about students experiencing new ideas and growing beyond their horizons. Something as everyday as going to a museum is a chance of a lifetime for some of our students.

Neighboring school districts have discovered that foundations like this give students the experiences that can inspire them to dream beyond the life they know. 

Residents can help but the key here is going to be the businesses of this community who should now make donating part of their operating budget. It’s a make or break decision – donate and help the students in Beeville grow beyond their own preconceived limitations, and greatly improve the chances of our students enjoying a brighter future.

It’s worth nothing that there is already a foundation benefiting the schools but its focus is on athletes.

This one will focus on the academic side of education. 

It is a costly proposition, at a maximum price tag of $35,000, but something that will surely pay for itself in the long run.

There are those who will raise an eyebrow at the cost to have a company  manage the formation of the foundation. 

Paying experts is expensive and when something is meant to weather the storms of an unknown future, it is best to pay now and avoid the turmoil later. It is the smart thing to do.

Coastal Bend College’s foundation was created by the same company and continues to dole out scholarships to deserving students.

This foundation will outlive the current board and it is designed to do just that. For those curious and ask if these work? Look no farther than neighboring school districts, George West and Refugio, both have such foundations. 

Goliad’s Education Foundation is going strong. In 2018, they awarded their school district $40,648. The projects funded by that money range from a program for second graders to publish short stories to sixth graders visiting Austin, to fields trips aboard an oceanography research vessel, to visits to Austin Sea World, the Texas State Aquarium and a simulated trip to Mars.

So this means that the Beeville foundation will be raising funds, much like what is being done in Goliad, through upscale western galas and possibly even an Iron Chef style event.  I would toss the idea of a skeet shoot into the mix ideas if someone volunteered a range.

This foundation could be a turning point in the education of Beeville’s children. Supporting it should be an easy check to write.