It was really cold, so when I saw the open door to The Beeville Bee-Picayune, I walked in. There were two strange people standing there, and they seemed to enjoy (and why not?) my presence.

The lady person started calling me by the generic “kitty” moniker so, on a whim, I sauntered right over to her. The lady picked me up and showed me to some man-person she called Dennis. Something tells me he thinks he is somehow in charge, and he may have been before I walked in.

When she picked me up, I started purring, loudly. She is really nice and has been especially nurturing to me. Her name is Ginger, and she and the other people named me Frio. I thought at first they said Frito and that really had me going. 

How about that. I am a young “kitty” mostly orange and white, so I am a Ginger Kitty, and she is a Ginger person. Go figure.

So far so good. 

The people here have set me up in my very own bedroom. There is a nice bed, a potty with the potty stuff in it, a thing I can sharpen my claws on, food (really delicious food) and water. 

During the day I pretty much have the run of the place. I can move from office to office, and everyone is happy to see me. They let me jump on their laps or their desk or their chairs. My favorite place to lounge is on Ginger’s desk. 

Mary is really loving, and Nina brought some cool toys and other things. Chrissy loves on me when I move over to her area. Albert is really cool and smart. Laura and Michelle are really, really busy but do take time to hug me when I walk over. 

During the morning, my job is to walk round the place and meow incessantly, and I do it very well. The afternoons are reserved for nice long naps, mostly on Ginger’s desk but occasionally I will commandeer Kevin’s desk. There is a space between this flat thing he pushes repeatedly with all of his fingers, and this other thing he is always looking at. 

This new arrangement might work well for me and the people as long as they know it is my world they are living in. 

If you are ever in the area, stop in to The Beeville Bee-Picayune so we can meet, but please make sure to not interrupt nap time. 

I am a growing boy, named Frio, and really happy to be out of the cold and into this loving family!

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