Our staff stood outside on a hot Wednesday afternoon and watched the Beeville graduating seniors drive by as part of a really big and festive parade commemorating this monumental occasion. Beeville is not an exception, only exceptional, as are many other area schools in their monumental and unique efforts to find a way to honor their graduating seniors. 

Normally, we all know that this recognition would have taken place at a rather formal commencement exercise. But that was not to be, due to the dire reality we are all dealing with regarding this invasive affliction. 

The parade was exceptional. The seniors were delightful, and the hundreds of people that lined the sidewalks were all ready to celebrate, and celebrate they did. 

These graduating seniors and their friends and families invested considerable time, creative resources and finances decorating the various vehicles with encouraging and celebratory messages. Well done.

The graduating senior parade was led by and included a significant number of law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS and other officials that really added a great air of excitement to the event.

You graduating seniors are to be commended for achieving this life-changing goal. Over 90% of U.S. citizens ages 25-64 graduated from high school. You will never be counted among the 10% who did not, and that makes a difference. 

The difference may not be apparent during a parade, but I can assure that without that high school diploma, your prospects of succeeding diminish significantly. And you capped the accomplishment off in a most memorable manner.

It is highly unlikely that we will ever witness or be party to an event as unique as what we witnessed today and what other area schools have done or will be doing. You seniors are not special just because you graduated, although that would be sufficient. You are special because you didn’t let the vicissitudes of life get in the way of celebrating your terrific achievement. That which was beyond your control, became something you ultimately controlled. You turned lemons into lemonade. 

Those other graduating classes before you and the ones to follow do not and will not have the same dynamic and “overcomers impact”.

Your life will not be defined by what you accomplish. Your life will be defined by what you were able to overcome. Today and forever, remember this event that is defined by you who overcame adversity.

We are all very proud of you!

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