It’s no small thing to be categorized as the one of the biggest things in the United States. But that is exactly the language Dr. Ray Perryman used when he addressed hundreds of professionals Wednesday, Nov. 3, at the Portland Community Center during The San Patricio Economic Development Corporation’s annual banquet. The banquet was first class. Adam Gawarecki, Executive Director of The San Patricio Economic Development Corporation and his staff are to be congratulated. Very well done!

Dr. Perryman delivered his encouraging remarks about this growing area and backed them all up with science. Imagine that in this main stream media world where unnamed sources are unimpeachable and inaccurate information is blown all out of proportion and delivered as facts.

He spoke a great deal of truth. There were a few things that I disagreed with, but mostly I was delighted to hear the remarks about the very bright future, and so were all of the amazing and successful people that were in attendance.

Just as Herve Villechaize shouted, “Da Plane, Boss; Da Plane,” to Ricardo Montablan in the 1970 and ’80s TV series “Fantasy Island” as the plane approached, bringing individuals hoping to have their dreams realized, Dr. Perryman delivered incredibly encouraging remarks supporting that the big dreams of this area are going to come true as remarkable growth continues. The Port, Boss; The port.

I am certain that Sean Strawbridge, CEO of The Port would agree: It is indeed the Port of Corpus Christi and the people of the port.

Dr. Perryman stated that one of the most valuable highways in the country would be a pipeline from Texas areas that are rich in fossil fuels to our port region. We agree!

Fossil fuels represent a huge percentage of the nation’s energy production. No surprise there. Renewables (I am not sure this is tagged correctly, because the sun and wind are not renewing but producing power) represent 4%.

Dr. Perryman also confirmed what we had written in an earlier column, that electric vehicles will require fossil fuels to recharge their batteries. Imagine that.

All together it was a very beneficial presentation highlighting that we are in for a great ride, so buckle up and enjoy!

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