Normally I limit my comments to strictly local matters. 

The focus of this piece is mostly, at least for now, local. 

The same wonder-brains in D.C. who are clamoring to limit my beef consumption to 5-pounds per year are the same wonder-brains that want to legalize marijuana nationally. 

You can’t make this stuff up. 

I am absolutely certain that these wonder-brains have never had the discussion regarding these two issues at the same time, in the same room with the same people. Or even more frightening is that they have!

So let me run this up their greasy flag-pole. Perhaps they could legalize marijuana and then compensate ranchers to feed the pot to their cattle, so we consumers of fine beef can eat all we want and then load up on dessert. (Do not be surprised if this idea gets traction in D.C.) 

Congress does not have a franchise on really bad ideas, but they do hold the record, and no one even comes close. Legally limiting beef consumption is one of the patently worst ideas, ever!

Mandating beef consumption is like telling us consumers of fine beef that we cannot breathe too much as it might be bad for our health. Or even more damaging, breathing too much oxygen thereby depriving the snail darter their fair share. Snail darters are fish, and this is probably entirely reasonable, although ludicrous, justification to some members of Congress. 

I have a much better idea, and it vicariously involves cattle. (BTW for all of you D.C. wonder-brains, beef comes from cattle.) How about we legally limit the amount of BS coming from Congress to 5-pounds per legislator per year. Given their propensity for bad and damaging legislative ideas, that reek of BS, they would probably reach their BS allocation in just under three hours. They could then spend the remainder of their time doing something really productive, like nothing.

If they really want to make a difference in our lives, they can start by limiting the BS emanating from both chambers of Congress and keep their destructive hands off my hamburgers, fajitas and ribeyes!

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