For the past 22 years, I have been telling the stories of people in the Coastal Bend, sharing the good in these communities and the bad.

I write this as an introduction to the news that I am resigning my position with Coastal Bend Publishing with my last day being Thursday.

I leave knowing that the news being printed by this paper is written by a dedicated team of local journalists whose hearts remain tied to this community — its people and its betterment.

Victoria was where I cut my teeth in this profession learning from some of the best writers in the area, David Tewes and the late Jim Bishop. 

These men were willing to share their knowledge and time with a writer just out of college. The most important lesson they taught — ethical standards so missing by many mainstream journalists.

Through my time in this profession, I have met so many more people, many of them journalists, like Pat Hathcock — probably the most well read and versed man in this industry. Some will recall his writings in the Refugio and Victoria newspapers that would send even the best editor to the dictionary for help in understanding the use of an obscure word.

In Beeville, I have come to know those whose sole purpose it seems is the betterment of their community. 

They give without reward spending countless hours helping others, all the while, never seeking acknowledgment for their work. 

I have told many of their stories, despite an often reluctance on their part as they prefer to stay behind the curtain. But there are still many more out there whose names never crossed my desk. 

When Goliad became the sister paper to the Beeville Bee-Picayune, I turned my attention there. 

This town, and it happens to be where I call home, is a gem of a city. It though, is going through a transformation that is dividing the community. Covering this has always been difficult and walking that line is challenging.

While I am leaving the daily grind of the newspaper business, I am not leaving this community. My new position takes me to Beeville ISD, more specifically Jones High School.

I will wait on the specifics of that as COVID-19 is spreading faster than the rumor of a pancake house coming to Beeville. This pandemic will continue to shape our lives for the coming months as previous decisions are changed as the number of virus cases continues to climb.

My decision was not easy and comes at a difficult time in the teaching profession. 

I am fortunate. I have a wife who will back me as I take on this adventure and a son excited to see his dad more during the holidays.

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