Now is the time for our communities to rally behind our students and show support for the graduating seniors.

We owe it to every graduate to make this commencement one to remember. We owe the students nothing less. This year has no doubt been one for the books. 

COVID-19 has robbed them of the last months with their friends before they take that next step in the world.

They will be heading off to college or trade school, the workforce or military in the coming weeks. Too much of a delay in these ceremonies and these students will be gone.

Now isn’t the time to go along with the status quo and simply hand out diplomas.

Make it memorable. These students lost the last part of their senior year. 

No one is blaming the administrators for this. It was necessary. Continuing school during a pandemic would be irresponsible. As much as everyone wanted life to return to normal, rushing it could have ended in tragedy.

So take precautions and lets not just crowd parents and friends into a stadium telling them to wear masks.

Goliad is contemplating a drive-in theater type of graduation ceremony. A novel idea that lets grads bring their parents by all being in one vehicle.

Lets put some of the best minds to work on this as we formulate ideas. Bring in the kids and find out what they would like to see.

Find a way to hold a gradation that is unlike any other seen at the schools.

Businesses should do their part and offer whatever hand they can to make this happen. There are parents out there willing to do their part. Find them. 

Call out for help if needed. 

Now more than ever this is a chance for the schools and the administrators to shine in the eyes of students and parents.

A superintendent told me that this year will mark a paradigm shift in education.

He is right.

So let’s throw the rule book out for graduation and maybe what is done here will become the new tradition in our schools.